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At Kamac Contracting, we provide multiple services for our client’s.
Direct and conventional drilling, cultivation, ripping, discing, rolling, maxi tilling and ploughing.

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6m Allens Triple Disc Drill

Suitable for varying conditions, from compact dry soils to those with high levels of residue, the Allen’s 6m drill consistently delivers cost effective crop & pasture establishment.

Key Features

- Trimble GPS, field mapping & full auto steer
  - Fertiliser box
  - 700g to 1.5 tonne sowing rate
  - Accord metering system
  - 6”, 12” or 18” + row spacing
  - Seed & insecticide box
  - Slug bait applicator
  - Packing ties

John Deere 750 A Drill

John Deere’s world-proven drill technologies with low HP requirements combined with openers which ensure even emergence, optimise yields and efficiency. With drilling speeds of up to 15km/h and high area performance can be taken for granted.

Key Features

- 6m working width - 6 ½ inch spacing - GPS 1cm tolerance - Section control - 1.5 tonne seed bin

Salford Cultivator & Austin Cambridge Roller

Hydraulic self leveling frames, and fine adjust single point depth control are standard features of the Salford cultivator. All tubular steel frames add to the strength of the machine; 4”x6” main beams, and 2.5” x 2.5” tine bars stand up to the toughest operating conditions.

Key Features

- 9m working width
- Trailing roller
- 150mm spacing
- Crumbler roller
- Finger tyres
- Primary or finishing cultivator

5m He-va Subtiller with disc roller

This combination delivers excellent seeding accuracy of brassicas, grass seeds, & clovers. Seed is blown in the V’s left by the He-Va packer & firmly covered by the Hubbards roller drill. GPS Auto Steer and P.J. Green Air Seeder.

Key Features

- Discing
- Ripping
- Rolling
- Roller Drilling

Monosem Fodder Beet Planter

Incomparable planting quality with optimal depth control. The Monosem planter rests on the ground directly in line with the seed drop, follows the ground contours and exceptional performances in all conditions.

Key Features

- 6m working width
- 500mm spacing
- 1cm gps tolerance
- GPS mapping
- Section control

Kverneland Plough

The Kverneland 8 furrow plough’s center mounted wheel ensures easy ploughing out to fences and hedges. The turnover mechanism being linked to the wheel assembly and unique headstock makes for a minimum turning circle.

Key Features

- Claydon furrow cracker
- Hydraulic vari-width
- Hydraulic spring trip legs
- Maize skimmers


"Leading the way in cultivation and drilling"

Cameron Horne - Kamac Contracting


At Kamac Contracting we run the latest technology and machinery.
View the images below to see what we are currently operating.


John Deere 750 A Drill

  • 6m Allens Triple Disc Drill

  • 5m He-va Subtiller with Disc Roller

  • Kverneland Plough

  • Kverneland Plough

  • Salford Cultivator & Austin Cambridge Roller

  • Kverneland Plough

  • Kverneland Plough

About Us

Kamac Contracting Mid Canterbury specialist drilling and cultivation contractors owned and operated by Cameron and Bryce Horne.

We provide multiple services for our client’s; direct and conventional drilling, cultivation, ripping, discing, rolling, maxi tilling and ploughing.

We work with farmers covering all sectors thoughtout Mid Canterbury; arable, sheep and beef, cropping, dairy and large corporate operations. What sets us apart is our size, where no job is too big or too small.

As a business we believe it is important to keep up to date with the latest technology and industry developments to help farmers make informed crop choice and rotation decisions.

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"Drilling and Cultivation specialists"

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At Kamac Contracting, we work with a small number of machinery brands who we have built a trusted partnership with in order to give our client excellence.


"Family owned and operated"

Cameron Horne - Kamac Contracting

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